The Salomon Run opens registration

The Salomon Run will celebrate its fifth edition on April 29 with the mountain of Montjuïc, the city and the sea as a background



January 18th, 2018

The Salomon Run comes back on April 29th in Barcelona and it does so, once again, with a singular route and with its personality. In its fifth edition, the race bets again for everything that has consolidated it as one of the most differentiated city 10k: therefore, there will be its more than 1,000 steps, the ups and the downs, the mixture of grounds, views and a starting line limited to 3,000 runners. The race has already opened the registration through and during the month of January a reduced price of €14 is offered.

"The circuit is fun, with slopes, vegetation, passing through the Poble Espanyol, the entry into the stadium... You run through Barcelona but it doesn't seem so. It is quite an experience" says Jes Bonet, winner of three of the last editions of the Salomon Run in women's category. Last year the race premiered a renewed route that will be kept in this 2018: passing by the interior of the Estadi Olímpic and more meters of running through the Poble Espanyol. So, it will become again one of the few races that goes into two of the most special places of Montjuïc: the magnificent Estadi that take us back to the 92 Olympic games ' and a Poble, which with its houses, squares and craftsmen workshops is still unknown to the majority of locals.

On April 29th at 9 p.m., the magic fountain of Montjuic will receive runners of all levels with the desire of running an urban but singular race that will show them the city from a new point of view. During race the MNAC, the Jean Forestier’s stairs or the bows of Paseo de Santa Madrona will also play a very important role.

In its fifth edition, the race keeps the same price as last year, by fixing it at €16 and, in addition, the possibility to register for only €14 is offered during the month of January. All participants will receive a technical official t-shirt of the race, a timing chip and a healthy and abundant final provisioning. Registrations are already open in and are limited to 3,000 runners. In addition to the race, Salomon will organize a series trainings prior to the event for those who want to discover the circuit before April 29th.


Salomon Vertical Run: authentic Show

Climb, climb and only go up. As fast as possible in a sprint of 54 metres with a positive ascent of 13m and more than 50 steps. This is how the Salomon Run Vertical is; it will celebrate its second edition on April 29th. Once the 10k race runners arrive, the excitement will be transferred to the stairs that go from Plaza de Carles Buïgas to Jean Forestier promenade where 32 men and 16 women will demonstrate its speed.

Participants will be chosen by invitation based on their past performance and, also, by raffling. Those who want to present candidacy will have to fill up the form on the website and wait for luck to be with them to earn a place in this vertical sprint. In their second year of life, the race will present again a high level of performance among its participants to offer a good show to all locals who dare to follow closely this Salomon Vertical Run.

The Salomon Run opens registration