Salomon Run Vertical is born


On April 9, the Salomon Run Vertical will arrive: an explosive test of only 54 meters that will reward the fastest and most agile runners


32 men and 16 women will be at the starting line of a vertical sprint with more than 50 steps


The vertical test will complete a morning of running and adventure in Montjuïc


Go up, up and up. As fast as you can. A sprint of 54m with a positive incline of 13m and more than 50 stairs to make it harder. In the starting line 32 men and 16 women. Fast, agile and seeking for new challenges. A real show. This is Vertical Salomon Run: a new race in addition to the Salomon Run to round out a running Sunday in Barcelona.


Participation system

It will be about 11am in the morning when, two by two, the participants will participate in qualifying rounds and the best will get to the final.

There will be 3 options to participate in the first edition of the Salomon Run Vertical

1. Eight men and six women will get a ticket by invitation depending on their results in other races.

2. This segment of Strava, in the stairs of Vallvidrera, will also offer 12 tickets for April the 9th, 8 for men and 4 for women. The runners will have until March 28th at 12pm to test themselves in this section, register their activity with a GPS device and email it . The fastest will get a direct ticket to the Vertical Salomon Run.

3. The remaining 18 men and 6 women will be decided by draw through this form.

"We have already reached the fourth edition and, year after year, the race grows in interest and in participants. This time we wanted to complete the morning with a vertical test, very explosive. The idea is to organize a race that allows us to continue supporting the urban running but in an different way, with that point of adventure that we like from Salomon", explains Biel Ràfols, team manager of the brand.


The Salomon Run Vertical will be an explosive test in which Montjuïc will see some of the fastest riders in the country. A new race, in addition to the 10k of the Salomon Run to round out a running Sunday in the city.


Salomon Run Vertical is born