Salomon Run: record of participants in its most epic edition


The Salomon Run exhausts its bib numbers one more year and breaks records in a morning full of adventure in Barcelona


Jaume Leiva (34'11 ''), specialist in background tests, and Jes Bonet (42'02 ''), winner of the last three editions, win the men's and women's category


The Olympic Stadium, the Poble Espanyol, the stairs, the views and the rain main attractions of the most epic edition


April 29, 2018


One more year, the 10km test has exhausted all available numbers and has gathered in Montjuïc more than 2,500 participants who have run in a circuit full of surprises and with the Olympic Stadium and Poble Espanyol as major attractions. The event has also experienced its most epic edition, with a rain that has added a point of adventure to the morning of running. Jaume Leiva, specialist in background tests and who came with the idea of ​​enjoying a new experience has been the fastest in the men's category. "You go up, down, there are turns, narrow sections ... I came to enjoy but I am very competitive and I wanted to be as far forward as possible" he admitted after entering the finish line at 34'11 ''. Jes Bonet (42'02 ''), winner of the last three editions, has again taken the women's victory in a test that knows and dominates perfectly.


One more year, the Salomon Run has started at 9 o'clock in the morning next to the Font Màgica de Montjuïc. After enjoying a demanding start full of steps and discover the mosaics by Jean Forestier, the participants have arrived at the Olympic Stadium. This time, the runners have made a complete return to the athletics track of a venue that 26 years ago hosted the Olympic Games in Barcelona. "It has been very special, I liked it a lot, I remembered my years of athletics and had a sentimental point that moment," explained Leiva, champion of Spain Half Marathon and winner of the Salomon Run.



Shortly after, the participants have passed by the baseball field, the INEFC, the Communications Tower or the Palau Sant Jordi. After touring the Olympic Ring, they have headed towards another of the great attractions of the event: the Poble Espanyol. They have run through its streets, squares and artisan shops and have discovered the Andalusia neighborhood. The participants have enjoyed a different circuit: with climbs, descents, stairs and vegetation and they have not been afraid of rain.


Between kilometer and kilometer, they have discovered, also, some of the most unknown places of Montjuïc, like the gardens next to the Museum of Archeology. After more stairs and a return to the founatin of Montjuïc, the participants have found the finish line and an abundant provisioning to recover strength. "The truth is that it is a test that I highly recommend. It is different. It's not boring: you go up the stairs, down the stairs, you enter emblematic places ... every year more people are encouraged to try it, "said Jes Bonet, the female winner.


Salomon Run Vertical: the most spectacular sprint

After the arrival of the last runners of the 10km test, the excitement has been transferred to a flight of stairs located next to the exit. In its second edition, the Salomon Run Vertical has once again brought together the fastest riders who have been put to the test in several heats until the winners have been defined: Sergi Nuell and Clàudia Illa. They were the fastest in a sprint of only 54 meters but full of steps.Once again, a very special atmosphere has been created, with dozens of people on both sides of the staircase, encouraging and enjoying the competition and the effort of the participants.


Edition after edition, the Salomon Run grows and consolidates as one of the most attractive and different tests of the city. Its circuit, with the Poble Espanyol and the Olympic Stadium as emblems but also full of stairs and views, convinces some runners wanting to enjoy a different, fun running test and discover Montjuïc every year from a new point of view.

Salomon Run: record of participants in its most epic edition