Tips for the Salomon Run of April 9th


April 9th, fourth edition of the Salomon Run in Barcelona. Montjuïc is already ready to welcome this unique 10km race: incline, stairs and views of the mountain, sea and the city. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Olympics, the race will enter the Olympic Stadium and will also go back to el Poble Espanyol.

It will be once again, an urban circuit, but with doses of adventure. More than 1000 stairs along the circuit will test the runners; the stairs of Jean Forestier are probably the most special. The circuit will unveil some of the most emblematic spots of Montjuïc: the Olympic Stadium, el Poble Espanyol, and also the museum MNAC and the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia.



Marc Traserra, winner of the last edition together with Greg Vollet

“It’s very nice to run in el Poble Espanyol and Montjuïc. I think that the circuit is perfect because, both a runner and a trail runner, can enjoy it: there are flat sections and other parts more technical… It’s a race that equals both.”

“For those who is the first time running this kind of races, my suggestion is not to be afraid. In the stairs I think it’s better if they don’t run too fast, one stair at a time. If they have confidence, when going down, they could try to only land in the forefoot, but watching out where they step”.

Jes Bonet, winner of the 2015 and 2016 editions women’s category

“My advice for is not to start at the highest level. If you go up the first section of stairs too fast you will pay the price for the rest of the race. It’s better to run progressively in order not to get too tired and be able to catch your breath. If you are not used to this kind of races it’s better to go up the stairs walking., you will be less tired and won’t need time to stop and recover energy”.

Biel Ràfols, Team Manager Salomon

“The ones who are looking for a good result should train to go up and down stairs as many times as possible. They can also practice to go down the stairs: 1 by 1, 2 at the time, 2-1, 2-1 to gain agility”.


On April the 4th at 19:30h Salomon will organize a free training session in Montjuïc to put in practice these tips, discover all the secrets of the circuit and control all the hills and downhill of the circuit. Anybody can join, you just have to show up next to the Fountain of Montjuïc some minutes before the start time.

You can still register in . This fourth edition will be more special than ever: the Olympic Stadium, el Poble Espanyol and the amazing views of the city are waiting for you. The adventure of the Salomon Run and the new Salomon Run Vertical will take up the whole city.

Tips for the Salomon Run of April 9th